1. What is Workforce's mission?

    Workforce mission is to create an affordable and easy to use software for small businesses to run their business on and help them collaborate with their customers, partners and also compete against large competitors who may be much better equipped than them.

    This is not an easy problem to solve - but one that we believe needs to be solved to help small businesses compete with the giants. We believe that the least we can do to help tomorrow's economy is to level the playing field between large and small businesses in terms of the software they use to run their business on. We want small businesses that are the engine of economic growth, to have the same tools that large companies have.

    In 5 years from now we would like Workforce to become the preferred choice for small businesses and entrepreneurs to run their business on.

  2. Do I need an experienced IT consultant to setup/manage my account?

    No that’s not needed. If you are just getting started, you should be able to navigate around the various Apps and get started with the ones that are most appropriate for your situation. There are videos that help you with getting started and a very active forum to get help. For questions that are not answered through the forum or videos, you can always contact us for support.

    As your business grows, you may need additional help to get the best use from Workforce.

  3. Can I customize my Workforce interface to match my company styling?

    We don't have an automatic way of doing this now. If you have a specific need, please contact us at support@workforce.com.

  4. Is Workforce compatible with all Browsers?

    Workforce works with Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer. We strive hard to keep up with browser releases, but there is generally a lag between a new release of a browser and when Workforce is certified in that browser. If you have any specific questions on this, please check out forum or write to us at support@Workforce.com.

  5. If we report a bug, when can we expect it to be fixed? Will I have to pay for it?

    All bugs are assigned a priority and addressed in subsequent releases. You don't have to specifically pay for fixing a bug, although issues/bugs from Premium customers get a higher priority.

  6. How secure is my data?

    We employ several levels of security to ensure that your data is safe and secure. They are as below.

  7. Communication Layer?

    All the communication between your web browser and mobile client to the workforce data center is secured using 256 bit encrypted SSL connection. What this means is that the data transported from your machine is encrypted using a special key and no one will be able to unencrypt your data.

  8. Secure Firewalls

    Once your data enters our Servers, we have multiple layers of firewalls that protect your data. These firewalls are built using state of the art hardware and software.

  9. Operations Process?

    Access to this hardware is limited to a very few people who have an established track record of 10 years or more in managing data centers. All access to servers and data is logged and recorded for audit and verification purposes.

  10. Who can use workforce24 software

    Workforce24 can be used by any small or large companies, enterprises, recruitment consultancies and candidates.

    1. Small and large companies, enterprises can use it, for hiring of overseas recruitment, to track each individual candidates status & recruitment consultancies status at real time.

    2. The recruitment consultancies can use it for interacting with their clients and colleagues, for managing the recruitment process, for hiring of foreign workforce.

  1. Why should I buy your software?

    You should purchase our workforce24 because

    1. It will save your valuable time and

    2. It also save your money

    3. And it also gives up all the updates of the recruitment process at real time.

    4. Transparency among Client, Consultancies & Candidates.

  2. How workforce24 save time & money for me?

    Workforce24 save time & money for you or for your company How, Let me explain you briefly.

    1. No constant back & forth follow-up required with recruitment consultancies for candidates updates, as the platform gives all the updates of the ongoing recruitment process at real time. Which means you don’t have to wait for recruitment consultancies call or emails for updates.

    2. You don’t have to keep a technical support team nor required any allocated office space for smooth functioning of Workforce24 software, There is also no need for installation or requires any infrastructure for its deployment. This enables users to save time, reduces confusion and also saves money for you.

    3. You can share CV/profiles, VAD and other related documents via our platform. This allows users to save time and money as well.

    4. One of the most important features of Workforce24 platform is re-hiring. It allows to re-hire the candidates for new projects by managing their cv/profiles in its platform. This saves your time and a huge amount during re-hiring.

    5. There are many other things that Workforce 24 Recruitment & Management Software does, In fact I can even speak for another hour on it. David, Kindly share me your email where I can share more about saving of time and money by the software.

  3. What your Workforce24 does?

    Our Workforce24 Recruitment & Management Software enables you to

    1. Add vacancies,

    2. Post selection of candidates,

    3. Share and saves candidates documents,

    4. Provides real time updates on candidate mobilization, onboarding and demobilization.

    5. And It also facilitates user’s to re-hire workforce.

  4. What are the functions of workforce24?

    Some of the important functions of workforce24 software -

    1. The most important functionality of Workforce24 software is to share real time status of candidate’s recruitment process, to the companies and recruitment consultants.

    2. The function of Workforce24 software enables Clients, Vendors (Recruitment Consultancies) to manage candidates CV’s/profile’s, VAD, PCC related documents, Vendor Profile and Client profile in the same platform.

    3. Another important functionalities of Workforce24 software are to save time & money.

    4. It also allows companies to re-hire overseas candidates.

    5. Workforce24 software is a cloud based robust application for which the companies or recruitment consultancies does not require any installation, any infrastructure, nor requires Technical support team to maintain it and for smooth functioning.

  5. Can I try before buying?

    You can send a request email to us for trial & we will generate a log-in credential details for you and share it to you. The Log-I credential will be valid for 35 days (free Trial). While using the trial version if you find any difficulties while running the software. Please feel free to call or email me.

  6. What are the advantages of workforce24 system?

    The advantages of workforce24 are as follows –

    1. Customization of software optional to cater to your needs and requirements.

    2. Instant communication among vendors and corporates.

    3. Measurable ROI & Reduced operating cost

    4. Multiple SMS language features.

    5. Store Documents & Files

    6. Cost saving features for effective paperless working environment.

    7. Transfer of documents and information among vendors and corporates.

  7. What is SaaS?

    SaaS stands for Software as a Service model- where a software vendor develops a web-based software and hosts and operates (either independently or through a third-party) the application for use by its clients over the Internet. Clients do not pay heavy upfront charges and instead pay subscription fees for using the software.

  8. What are modules of workforce24?

    The main modules of workforce24 are as follows –

    1. Client (or Corporate ) Management Module

    2. Vendor (or Consultancy) Management Module

    3. Candidate Management Module

    4. Vacancy Management Module

    5. Processing Management Module

    6. SMS Management Module

    7. Reports & Info graphic Management Module

  9. What are the benefits of SaaS?

    The benefits of SaaS are -

    1. Cost savings - Reduced IT investments, No maintenance costs

    2. Focus on core / strategic - Reduced TCO & faster ROI, Improved business process

    3. Best practices deployment – Enhanced reliability, Scalability

    4. Reduced time-to-market - Faster deployment time, Easy adoption

  10. What is Cloud Computing?

    The term "cloud" is used as a metaphor for the Internet. Cloud Computing" is Internet-based computing, whereby resources and software, are provided to user computers on demand usually accessible through a browser. Cloud computing is revolutionary for computing users, where users do not have built or maintain software, or the technology infrastructure in-house to provide computing solutions throughout their whole business. Within the cloud professional applications are available for use, termed "Software as a Service" (SaaS).

  1. What if I need any support?

    We have a variety of support options available to our valuable customers. Support is available via FAQs, phone & email support, video tutorials. We also help every new customer get up and running as fast as possible by coordinating a series of onboarding events to help speed up your learning of the tool and address any initial questions you may have.

  2. Who owns the data if I'm using Main Sequence's 'cloud'?

    Although we are responsible for maintaining and backing up your database on our infrastructure, the data belongs entirely and solely to you. We also provide an option to store your data dedicatedly or in a shared server. Although most of the client’s data are stored in our centralized data server and if the client request you for a backup copy we shared it with the client at their request. The service agreement will describe your ownership of your data and our responsibility to maintain its Confidentiality.

  3. Can I upgrade my plan at any time?

    Yes, of course.

  4. Will workforce24.com work with my hardware/software?

    Most likely! Workforce24 software is designed and optimized for Google Chrome but will also work on the latest IE and Safari releases as well as tablet devices. Behavior and specific functionality very somewhat between different platforms and versions. We aim to be compatible with all currently released major browsers. Main Sequence is committed to providing the most transparent and hassle-free technical experience possible for our customers, including testing of your environment prior to coming aboard if needed.

  5. What are the differences between SaaS and ERP model?

    1. SaaS Model

    2. No capital expenditure

    3. No investments

    4. Low-cost subscription model

    5. Implement in days or weeks

    6. Anytime, anywhere access

    7. Free upgrades

    8. Flexible licensing

  6. Who are typical workforce24 users?

    The workforce24 can be used throughout every department of the organization. HR or Recruiter departments are the main users as they are responsible for the majority of the recruiting process. But other team members are often given limited-privilege roles in the system to improve the recruitment management and feedback process.